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1. False Muslims Part I - The Hypocrites & The Muslim Brotherhood

"And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity― to disunite the Believers and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; but Allah doth declare that they are certainly liars." Qur'an, Surah Al Tawbah 9:107

There is only one Islam and it is a truth seen and understood by those born Muslim and those who convert to Islam. There are those who by their mischief and hypocrisy wish to pervert the true meaning and teaching of Islam. The below is a brief summary of history of the modern day Hypocrites - The "Muslim" Brotherhood and its present day off-shoot, Hamas.

Hamas was born out of the "Muslim" Brotherhood and is Israeli Shin-Bet funded (Robert Dreyfuss - The Devil's Game). The so called "Muslim" Brotherhood is a Brotherhood of sorts but it is by no means Muslim or Islamic in nature - not at its top and middle ranks. The lower ranks of people may believe they are doing a justice to Islam and acting as Muslims but sadly are misguided. We need to look at the history of the "Muslim" Brotherhood which sprung out of Egypt from nowhere and overnight they became a force to be reckoned with, with money, schools, political might, an organisation and more dangerously an agenda all propped up by the British. That agenda was to destroy Islam and to keep the Muslim nations now carved up mainly by the British (the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement that carved up the Ottoman Empire into Western colonies orchestrated by the British in league with the French, Italians and Russians in 1916) under control. A double sword attack to destroy the real, one Islam and serve the Western Masonic agenda.

"The Hypocrites, men and women, (have an understanding) with each other: They enjoin evil, and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands. They have forgotten Allah; so He hath forgotten them. Verily the Hypocrites are rebellious and perverse" - The Qur'an, 9:67

War War I and After....

World War I was started so the British could secure further oil assets and ensure the German-Ottoman alliance would result in nothing. The Sykes-Picot agreement divided the middle east into Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Kuwait. This ensured British, Italian, French and Russian future control of these territories and their oil and natural resources. The classic divide, rule and conquer formula followed by installation of puppet governments to pick up the mantle and continue this deception.

T.E. Lawrence fought with the Arabs against the Ottomans promising the Arabs independence only for them to be utterly betrayed. Lord Balfour wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild at this time promising a "Jewish" state in Palestine and the Balfour Declaration (1917) became illegally enshrined in law. This was the start to creating Israel but the catalyst was the hideous Holocaust which really hit home the need for a "Jewish" state. How many Zionists were involved in precipitating the Holocaust to effect the creation of a "Jewish" aka Zionist state?

The British had supported and massaged the egos of two Arab leaders via pumping their "Islamic status" in the fight against the Ottomans - Hussein I (claiming Hashemite descendency) and Ibn Saud. Hussein I realised utter betrayal and abdicated his throne - his three sons Ali, Faisal and Abdallah then tried their luck at Arab rule. Ibn Saud won (Wahhabists) and his progeny have ruled over Arabia ever since - neglected by the British for a while Ibn Saud then forged an alliance with the USA via Standard Oil (ESSO) when Prince Ali was defeated, to which the Saudis and the Americans have enjoyed that special ongoing relationship since. The British had used Islam with their Arab pawns - the aforementioned to further their own interests and the Americans have now taken that over.

In 1921 the Arabs were further duped by the British using Islam through its stooges and repeated the same model in Palestine to engineer the creation of Israel. The British manipulated elections so that Haj Amin Husseini, an alleged descendant of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW), to the post of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. In Palestine almost all of the elite Arab families quickly found it profitable to be pro-British, and the Grand Mufti maintained this stance as well, at least up until 1936 when the imminent establishment of a Jewish Israel forced him to finally support the desires of his people. Soon Israel was to be born.

The perversity in which the British used Islam to legitimise their own greed and interests through their puppets did not go unchallenged. Gamal Abd-al-Nasser of Egypt challenged Western dominance aided by the hypocrital "Muslims" by his secular Arab nationalism stance. This was the start of the Arc of Crisis....where the hypocrites' version of Islam was pitted against the secularists in order to create a "new Islam" where it would oppose the truth and serve the Western Imperialist agenda, keeping their own nations backward. At the same time this would create a secularist movement desiring truth and progress but abandoning this engineered perversion of Islam as though it was the real Islam - when it was far from that.

The Birth of the "Muslim" Brotherhood - a secret "religious" society emerges with British Manipulation, Backing and Finances

The British gained control of Egypt fully in 1882 until their defeat by Nasser in 1956 via economic control and first allying with the Ottomans to defeat the French (Napolean) who had invaded Egypt to disrupt British trade routes with India. Egyptians yearned independence during the British occupation. In 1928, the "Muslim" brotherhood had been formed by Hasan El Banna. The British and the "Muslim" brotherhood forged an alliance built by the British spy Freya Stark. Since then to the present day first the British and now the Americans turn to their "Militant Islam" brothers to aid them to engineer wars, repress development of these nations and maintain control over them and their assets (oil).

Freemasonry has deep roots in Egypt - all the Ottoman kings were made Grandmasters of Freemasonry, parliamentarians on both sides of the divide were also Freemasons. The founders of the "Salafiyya" movement Jamal ad-Din El Afghani and Mohammed Abduh were freemasons and their "Salafiyya" ideology was one that impregnanted and shaped the "Muslim" Brotherhood via its founder Hasan El Banna. El Afghani was exiled and so was Abduh - Abduh was to return after 11 years of British imposed exile and reinstated by Lord Cromer who made Sheikh Mohammed Abduh the Grand Mufti of Egypt, in 1899. He was the "papal figurehead" of Islam. At the same time he was the Masonic Grand Master of the United Lodge of Egypt. Usury (prohibited in Islam) was legitimised under Abduh via the ruling council of Al Azhar University which Abduh was now in charge. Hasan El Banna's father was a student of Abduh and El Banna was influenced by this "Salafiyya" movement masquering as Islam, his father and Abduh's other student Mohammed Rashid Rida. El Banna was also a Mason. Masonry being a complete contradiction to the one and true real Islam in every way.

The British had aided the enormous growth and unmatched expansion of a nothing organisation of the "Muslim" Brotherhood despite competition from multitudes of Islamic groups because it served their Masonic agenda. The "Muslim" Brotherhood is modelled on Freemasonry - pretending to be charitable but this version is a lodge for "Muslims" (hypocrites) only. It became a political machine when the Arabs rose up against the implanting of a "Jewish" state. During numerous power struggles, executions and imprisonments, the "Muslim" brotherhood was made impotent especially under Nasser. El Banna was assassinated in 1949. However many more hypocrites were born to serve their agenda like Sayyid Qutb to Osama Bin Laden today, who was an afficiando and devout practioner of "Salaffiya" which he was schooled in.

The formula - mix Islam - a truth, with a million lies and perversions that oppose Islam but make this the de-facto Islam presented to the world but serves the agenda of a western Masonic elite.

The agenda above is what organisations such as Hamas and Hizbollah serve. History is repeating itself over and over again and will continue to do so unless we learn from the past, understand and act.

"To the Hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them (but) a grievous penalty; " - The Qur'an 4:138

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